The Advantages of a Cel-Fi GO for Your Car


Whether you live in Australia, the UK, or anywhere else in the world, you’ve probably wondered what the advantages of a Cel-Fi GO for your car are. Depending on your needs, these devices offer multiple benefits, such as voice quality, signal gain, and even cost. Whether you need a phone booster or GPS, there is a Cel-Fi GO for your car that can meet your needs.


The Cel-Fi GO is an innovative smart signal repeater for your car that improves mobile data and voice coverage. With over 70 dB of signal gain, it is 30x stronger than standard antennas and unconditionally protects the mobile network. You can configure the device to improve mobile coverage on all types of vehicles. The cost of a Cel-Fi GO for your car in Australia varies according to the model.

The device operates on the same frequency bands as the mobile network that Telstra uses. The Cel-Fi GO works on B28 700 MHz, otherwise known as Telstra 4GX. This network is the long-range 4G service that replaced the Telstra 3G network. Once the device is connected to the phone, it automatically boosts the signal from the cell towers. The device can support up to two phone lines at once.

The cost of a Cel-Fi GO for your car in Australia is just as affordable as the cost of a cell phone or satellite phone. And with its versatility, it’s possible to use it in more than one car – it even works in vans! You can get more information about the product and its installation from the company’s website. You can also buy the product at retail stores.

After you install the device, you must connect the device to the phone cradle and attach the Strike B2 7dBi Heavy Duty Car Antenna. Then, you must disconnect the service antenna from the Cel-Fi Go repeater. After this, you need to install a Strike Alpha Phone Holder, which captures the mobile signal and drives it into the cell phone holder. The Cel-Fi GO for your car is compatible with all QI enabled mobile phones.

Signal gain

How to increase your signal gain with a Cel-Fi GO in your car in Australia? If you’re looking to improve the reception of your cell phone signals while on the road, you’ve come to the right place. You can purchase a device that will boost your signal up to 70dB. There are a number of different products available, but these are generally the best ones for car users.

The Cel-Fi GO is a network-approved mobile signal repeater that picks up weak signals in your car. The device’s dual antennas help it boost your mobile signal around the car, making it much easier to stay connected. The device works with both the Optus and Telstra networks and is available as a kit. Once you’ve purchased it, you’ll have to set it up.

When you use the Cel-Fi GO, you’ll need to register with your carrier. It is essential to ensure you have an active data plan and a smartphone with a SIM card. A Cel-Fi GO is capable of boosting your signal up to 70dB, which is 30x more powerful than your standard antenna/cradle set-up. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to get connected on the road!

When you purchase a Cel-Fi GO, you’ll receive more signal for your cell phone. It can improve the signal strength of a mobile phone in areas with high 5Ghz saturation, including vehicles like caravans and farm machinery. The device also comes with manual and automatic band selection, so you can choose your best signal if you need to. This device also increases the life of your battery.

Voice quality

If you’re interested in getting the best mobile signal in your car, you may want to consider a Cel-Fi GO for your vehicle. This device amplifies the available LTE/HSPA mobile signal to increase data speeds dramatically. Depending on the carrier, it can improve data speeds by up to four times. Its unique installation process is designed to minimise feedback into the mobile network. You can choose between three bands: 3G 850, 4G 700, or 4G 1800. However, it’s important to note that a Cel-Fi GO can only boost one band at a time. Therefore, if you’re using a 3G or HSPA network in Australia, you may need to use the Cel-Fi GO to boost the signal.

Another advantage of using the Cel-Fi GO for your car is its improved voice quality. When you’re driving around in a poor signal area, your mobile phone uses more energy to compensate. It also uses more energy to improve your cell phone signal. The GO also improves voice quality, which is important for good call quality. This is because mobile phone signals can suffer from interference, reducing call quality.

The Cel-Fi GO module comes with a 12V power lead and a cigarette lighter socket, and can be hard wired into your vehicle’s 12V system. This mobile version is a perfect addition to your 4×4 or car, as it boosts data speeds and increases voice quality. It’s recommended for cars of all sizes. It’s available for purchase for $1047 (incl. GST).


A Cel-Fi GO is a device that provides data and phone service for your car. It uses the Telstra network to offer this service, and it does not require an external antenna or bulky coaxial cable. The device also has built-in sensors, meaning it automatically senses the changing environment as it passes by, thereby maximizing battery life. The device is available in packages for Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone customers.

The interior antenna of the Cel-Fi GO can be installed in a number of locations. Some vehicle kitss come with a hidden cigarette lighter socket, while others include a centre console box. The indoor antenna is a small panel that radiates a bubble pattern of mobile signals. It is ideal to mount this antenna in an area where it is not obstructed by the car’s exterior. The interior antenna has an adhesive backing. The typical places to mount an indoor antenna include the dashboard, front windscreen pillars, sun visors, centre console, and rear vision mirror.

The Mobile Smart Signal Booster is ideal for vehicle, marine, and RV installations. Its industry-leading 65 dB system gain and unconditional network safety guarantee are key factors in its success. Installation of a Cel-Fi GO for Your Car in Australia is easy and safe. The device is made by a Telstra-approved importer, Powertec Telecommunications. In addition, the Cel-Fi GO comes with a one-year warranty.

For mobile users in Australia, Cel-Fi GO is a powerful mobile signal booster that helps you avoid dropped calls and dead zones. This device can be used both stationary and mobile locations, and its NEMA 4 rating means it can be installed in harsh conditions. It is compatible with all major networks in Australia and is an excellent option for homes and businesses that experience poor reception. There are many benefits of Cel-Fi GO for your Car in Australia, so make sure to check out the reviews and see for yourself.

Boosting a Poor mobile signal

If you live in a location where your mobile phone signal is crappy, you can improve it by getting a signal booster. Most signal boosters in Australia work with 3G and 4G networks. However, if you want to get the full range of 5G features, you’ll need a different device. You may want to look into buying a 5G signal booster, but they’re not available in Australia yet.

If you’ve been having trouble getting a good mobile signal, you’re not alone. Many Australians suffer from reception blackspots inside buildings, including underground car parks. But there’s no need to give up hope! You can boost a mobile signal for your car in Australia with a 4G signal booster. These devices improve the mobile reception of cellular phones in vehicles and underground car parks, and can even improve your phone’s signal quality.

If your mobile signal is a bit crappy, you might want to consider buying a mobile signal booster for your car. This device will increase your mobile signal and improve phone connectivity. There are many reasons why you might be experiencing poor signal reception, including a poor carrier or the materials used to build the walls. Another common cause of poor mobile signal reception is a car’s distance from a cell tower.

When it comes to phone antennas, Campad Electronics has a number of different options available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The company’s website provides a handy guide to help you choose the right antenna for your car, and you can also find a wide range of other car accessories on the site.

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