Some of the Greatest Monaco Drivers ever


The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most prized wins on the Formula one race season. For the racing driver it’s the one you want to win as it one of the oldest and hardest places to get a victory. The difficulty in over taking and the great skill and concentration required to get around even the playing field slightly so that even if you have an underpowered car you have a chance of winning. When this situation happens the Monte Carlo, Grand Prix is a great race to watch and you could be there in style with some F1 Hospitality Monaco that can be sampled. Before we take a look at the greatest drivers of this great race why not get in gear a go to

Let’s start with the person who has one the race the most and arguably one of the most accomplished drivers ever Ayrton Senna. The great Brazilian and 3-time world champion still holds the record for the most wins with 6 in total.  Senna had shown his skill in 1983 by chasing down Alain Prost whilst driving an under powered Toleman car. The weather was horrendous, and Senna would have claimed his first victory if the race had not been prematurely stopped. Senna’s first win came in 1989 and he then went on to win the next 5 consecutively. His last came in 1992 when through good fortune Nigel Mansell, whose Williams Renault had utterly dominated the season had to pit. Senna held him off on worn tyres proving himself the master of Monaco and Mansell’s poor luck at the track. Senna’s win took him beyond the standing record of our next driver Graham Hill.

It could be argued that Graham Hill’s 5 wins were harder to achieve than Senna’s to some degree. Looking like the proverbially suave racing driver with a pencil thin moustache Hill took 5 wins during the 1960’s. To date he is the only driver to hold the Motorsport triple crown of a win and the Indianapolis 500 and the Le Man’s twenty-four hours. One thing that Hill had to compete with that Senna did not was that the race was run without Armco barriers. Hill and the other drivers were faced with a series of hazards that the modern drivers did not. A mistake at Monaco could costs you plenty as there were haybales to cushion crashes which were highly flammable an unprotected house wall or the Monte Carlo harbour. He won the race consecutively between 1963 and 1965 then 1968 and 1969.

Other notable winners are Oliver Panis in 1996. Again, the race was heavily rain effected but he Panis steered his Ligier from 14th on the grid to an unexpected victory. This year 2018 saw Daniel Riccardo take his badly stricken Red Bull up against Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton keeping them at bay for several laps. The race was also won by other past greats such as Stirling Moss.

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