Why Paint-less Dent Repair is Gaining Popularity


Dents on vehicles may be fixed quickly, cheaply, and with no effort using paintless dent repair (PDR). Repairing dents with paintless technology takes little time and effort. It doesn’t call for any patching, sanding, or painting.

  • First and foremost, this implies financial savings for you!
  • Second, it shortens your car’s time in the auto body shop.

What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Paintless dent removal (PDR) removes automotive dents without destroying or adding paint. PDR is less expensive, faster, and doesn’t need painting the automobile. You may take your automobile to a body shop Boston MA. The technician will use specialized tools to fix the damage. The panel will be molded slowly to appear fresh without touching the paint.

Paintless dent removal costs vary on the size, quantity, location, kind of automobile, and technician. This technique is affordable, but larger dents cost extra. Multiple dents will raise the price, but not as much if they’re near together.

How does paintless dent removal work?

Technicians use picks and rods to restore the metal’s original shape. Today’s cars have steel bodies. Steel is stiff and has better “metal memory” than aluminum. It’s easier to reshape.

Dent repair isn’t as easy as hammering the hood, though. Technicians use a reading device to manipulate metal to the correct height. Details can be tricky, but PDR is almost invisible when done correctly.

Why pick Paintless Dent Removal?

Your initial inclination may be to have a body shop fix your car’s damages. Dent repair specialists may recommend paintless dent removal. Repairing dents without paint has several benefits:

·        Cost-efficient:

Paintless dent repairs are cheaper than conventional ones since they don’t need paint and fillers. A professional automobile painter will be expensive if you go with the conventional approach. Non-paint dent repairs cost $75-$125, while normal repairs cost $150-$200.

·        Faster repair:

Paintless dent removal takes the mechanic a few hours to a day, while standard dent restoration takes significantly longer since the technician must sand, fix, and repaint the area. Traditional dent remedies need additional tools, whereas paintless dent removal just needs one.

·        Valid manufacturer paint warranty:

Non-intrusive dent repair doesn’t need specific equipment that might harm other automotive components. Paintless dent repair is excellent if your automobile brand has a paint guarantee. Traditional dent repair voids your warranty. Paintless dent repair is excellent if the damage isn’t too significant.

·        Repairs provide fewer dangers:

Without repainting, you don’t have to worry about using body filler, over spraying other regions of your automobile or using the wrong color paint. Paintless dent repair reduces the risk of things going wrong.

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