Key Things to look for in a Car Shipping Company

Car Shipping

Whether you are in the market looking for auto movers to assist you shift to a different part of the state or looking for car shipping professional, with the intention of purchasing a vehicle from outside the state, it is crucial to ask the right questions especially when selecting a car shipping to Dallas, Texas. To help you consider the right factors or ask the right questions, here is a compilation of a list of things to consider;

  • Do They Charge a Deposit?

Some car shipping companies ask for a deposit from clients. This is done before the client’s vehicle is loaded on for transportation. At times, this can signify that the auto movers are financially troubled. Therefore, they could be using your cash as their credit.

  • What are The Costs?

Of course, the cost of moving cars varies depending on the distance and the cars involved. For that reason, you need to first ask for quotation from different car-shipping companies in Texas. Nevertheless, you should ensure that price does not come before quality as at times, the costs can be too low to the extent of settling for a car shipping company that does not offer high quality services.

  • Are they insured?

Car shipping has its risks. For that reason, you should ensure that you are covered. Also, if you are shipping a pricey car, find out more from the shipping company if you need a higher premium insurance package. Also, ask for the firm’s copy of insurance coverage. This is because some companies have different types of insurance policies.

  • Reputation 

It is highly advisable to look for a shipping company that has stellar reputation. One major way of establishing this is by going through the Better Business Bureau. Through this website, you can find out if the firm has a low or high rating. Besides, you can also use the same website to establish if the firm handles client’s complaints in the right manner.

  • Check the Shipping Report 

Most car shipping companies that operate under professional guidelines usually provide a report for car shipping. Therefore, the car owner should receive a report prior to and after the arrival of the car at the destination. This report indicates that the condition of the vehicle before shipping. It also shows its condition after shipping. You also need the report to let the insurer know of the car’s condition in case there is damage that needs to be paid for.

  • Check the Car Carrier’s Registration 

You need to check the registration of the car carrier. As such, the company should be registered by the transport department. Also, it should provide the DOT number. In case you need to transport your car to another country, the firm in charge of transportation should be registered. This helps you save yourself from dealing with a fraudulent company.


If you want to ship your car, consider the listed points above. They should guide you in finding the right shipping company for your vehicle.

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